Friday, February 3, 2012

6 more weeks of Winter

"The second of February, you all know, the groundhog goes searching for his shadow.
If he should find it, the story is told, we'll have six more weeks of winter's cold.
But if it's cloudy, his shadow's not there. There'll soon be warm weather and days will be fair." Unknown 

I have never been a fan of the winter though this year we have barely had a typical winter in my area. By now we would have a ton of snow and a few snow days from school, but not this year. This season we have had 2 snow storms and one of those was a freak Halloween storm. So, believe it or not, I would actually like 6 more weeks of winter so that we can get at least one more snow storm in before the beautiful Spring weather shines down on us. 

As long as I can wear a warm, beautiful coat like this vintage, military style Yves Saint Laurent wool coat then I will be happy with 6 more weeks of winter. You can find this beautiful coat and other vintage beauties in TimelessVixenVintage's Etsy Shop. Please click the picture or any blue link to browse their shop.

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