Sunday, April 22, 2012

ReAwakening my Life

"Best is good, better is best" Lisa Grunwald

Lately, I have been struggling in my personal life to find myself and feel the happiness that those around me feel on a daily basis. Originally, I created this blog to reawaken people's creative senses but I want to expand beyond just that and allow people to follow my journey to find my happiness once again. For years, I knew that I struggled with depression but I never wanted to admit this to anyone let alone myself. Lately, I have had the chance to look at myself and my life and realize that my depression has been around since I was a teenager but no one else paid enough attention to see that I was unhappy. 

I know that everyone and their mother has written a book about finding themselves. Some people took trips, some people looked for small, daily ways to make themselves happy but I need to figure this journey out myself. I don't want to allow someone else journey to dictate or influence my journey to much. My journey needs to be my own. There is resentment and anger that I need to let go of, maturity to be grown and happiness to be found. 

So as I travel this path and attempt to find ways to find my happiness and love myself, I will be blogging about things that work and things that don't work. I hope that my journey will inspire someone else to take their own journey to find happiness and self-love.

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